Inclusion works to the advantage of everyone.
We all have things to learn and we all have something to teach.



We are a Victorian based NDIS and HACC provider, with a difference.


We’re all about supporting the freedom, empowerment, self expression and independent living of our
customers underpinned by a philosophy of self-determination, equal access, peer support and advocacy.


We also love having fun, embracing difference and reinvesting our profits to help those in need around us.

Our programs are aimed at building the capacity of our Customers.

When it comes to NDIS support, we give you the power to choose from any of our tailored services that could help transform your lifestyle choices - from health and nutrition advice to social care, youth services, leisure, careers guidance, housing, education, benefits and employment services.



We also wholeheartedly support and encouraged our Customers to pursue their personal life choices and their independent living plan, freely and openly, while making available opportunities comparable to
other members of our wider community.


We also empower our Customers by encouraging them pursue new skills, peer relationships, build social bonds, and
respect and accept each other. We work closely with, and hire people with disabilities (and those in need of our care)
so they too can contribute their lived experiences to our problem-solving.



They are also represented in our leadership and staff, providing our team with valuable insight and experience on

disability inclusion.


Most importantly, we reinvest our profits into helping our Customers, Community and those in need around us, while
encouraging them to be truly free, empowered and themselves.

Inclusion is not like an instant process that can be switched on and off at once.

It is more like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, a transformation forward into the light with intentionality and focus.
It is a journey, not a simple checklist.

Our services are therefore designed to include and empower our customers with intention and care, so they can transform their lives as freely as possible however they please.